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2nd Edition

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Number Theory - Groups, Rings, and Fields

We treat the following topics. Teaching Methods Lectures 14x2 hours and tutorials 14x2 hours.

Method of Assessment Two partial exams or a resit , and marked assignments. Literature David S.

Dummit, Richard M. Foote, "Abstract algebra", 3rd edition , John Wiley and Sons. R is said to be a commutative ring if the multiplication is commutative. The disrtributive law also holds. Ring of Integers modulo n: For a n let be the classes of residues of integers modulo n.

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A Guide to Groups, Rings, and Fields

Also the distriutive laws hold. Some Important results related to Ring: If R is a non-trivial ring ring containing at least two elements withunity I then I 0.

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  7. If I be a multiplicative identity in a ring R then I is unique. If a be a unit in a ring R then its multiplicative inverse is unique.

    A Guide to Groups, Rings, and Fields

    In a non trivial ring R the zero element has no multiplicative inverse. Now we introduce a new concept Integral Domain. Next we will go to Field.