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Again on the way to the grocery store on the way back from Salem.

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And then again on the way to pick up Becky and…. I stood at the stove holding a wooden spoon in my right hand, listening to butter sputtering against the splattered circle of an egg. Posts navigation 1 2 3 4 … 7 Next.

Fusion: art and poems

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smartgride.com/images/church/escort-gay-in-indonesia.php Fusion Series By Cecil Touchon. His technique, as demonstrated aptly here, is to dismantle physical pages of text and reconstitute them in ways that enhance the visual continuities of text and undermine their meaningful sequentiality. She writes an exhaustive lament for mothers of the "dark magicians," and revisits the devastating murder of Emmett Till.

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These dynamic sequences serve as a backdrop for present-day racial calamities and calls for resistance. Smith envisions, reenvisions, and ultimately reinvents the role of witness with an incendiary fusion of forms, including prose poems, ghazals, sestinas, and sonnets. The rich sonic texture of the work enables the subtle modulations of mordant wit, anger, and grief throughout the collection, where feeling is tuned by assonance and consonance.

An epic in five movements where history becomes tragedy, becomes farce, becomes fable.

On the Wings of Love - Fusion of Rumi and Hafiz poetry

Where the reader becomes complicit, where outcomes burn into forgotten memories, and where nobody gets off the hook. The imaginative qualities of these poems and others are what make them captivating.

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