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First is based on values from temporally co-located objects. Second is the choice whether the simulation Terminal Arrival Route will be entirely synchronous i. Several timing methods simulation architecture described in the previous section. Aircraft were injected into the simulation stochastically with a specified This timing method has all objects update at the same time, inter-arrival rate. A controller scheduled the aircraft from and this update time is based upon a fixed time step.

Image analysis and computer vision: 1991

This the multiple entry streams into one arrival flow by method is commonly used in current flight simulation selecting the appropriate order of the aircraft, and techniques, where the time-step may be fixed by commanding speeds to the aircraft that created this desired conservative analysis of the fastest dynamics in the system, traffic pattern. The aircraft were removed from the or by the system clock in real-time simulation.

This simulation when they reached the runway. It also Efficiency is measured by the average number of times the provides conservative results that can be guaranteed to not aircraft objects are called to update during the course of the miss any measurements or interactions by the setting of an run.

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We use this efficiency measure since aircraft are the arbitrarily small time step, without requiring predictions most computationally intensive objects — due both to their from discrete-event or measurement objects. However, it underlying update rate as well as to forced also forces all objects to update at a rate governed by the resynchronizations. For instance, the warranted. The highest inter-arrival mean smallest.

The purpose of defining an experiment in your GAMA model

This method still forces some objects to update seconds created a fairly low traffic intensity, with more times than normally required, but can relax the time commensurately few interactions. At this inter-arrival step when conditions allow. The aircraft often needed independently following their own update times. This is to maneuver, and conflicts indeed manifested themselves. This will allow for objects with fast were able to work independently. However, two space so that the simulator can be backed up to before the main issues limit the size of resynchronization intervals. Likewise, these methods individual components about when a resynchronization incur a computational hit, and so should be used wisely.

As such, the value of This paper has discussed issues related to simulating large, better predictions can reach a point of diminishing returns, complex systems as an analysis method during their where the additional computations in the predictions offset design. Hybrid-system simulation is an emerging field of any savings in computations by other objects.

Second, larger resynchronization intervals require Simulation of the NAS for safety analysis was used as better and model specific predictions by the individual an example and a test case throughout the paper. This components about when a resynchronization may occur. Further, details likely future actions. Several open issues remain with hybrid-system simulation. Some can be addressed by a software 6. This paper suggested that such an architecture should place So far, this discussion on simulation timing has assumed few restrictions on the types of models allowed, so that it that accurate measurements and interactions can only occur can be used for a variety of purposes and with components when the objects involved are temporally co-located, with of varying fidelity and resolution.

It is also possible for measurements and systems both rely on interactions between individual interactions to be calculated from temporally disjoint components. As such, a simulation architecture also needs objects.

Image analysis and computer vision: 1991

Rather than reducing measurements or predictions about the future. However, at the need for computational efficiency, recent least partial resynchronizations will still be needed when improvements in computational power have, for the first predicted interactions require other objects to jointly time, allowed the research community to hope that very manifest a new behavior at a certain time e. As these collision avoidance alert requiring two aircraft to simulations become more widely used, there may be synchronize and communicate at the start of the alert.

This paper discussed the use of timing the updates of Similarly, we have assumed that the simulation always individual objects within a large-scale simulation.

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An algorithm for parallel combined synchronization to capture measurements and interactions. Simulation As a test case, we discussed a simulation architecture Practice and Theory — Continuous-time and discrete-time the paper. This simulation architecture uses an object- systems, In Systems Modeling and Computer oriented framework to accept objects of a wide variety of Simulation, ed. New York: Marcel types, easily incorporating both continuous-time and Dekker.

This simulation architecture was. Law, A. Simulation used to simulate the dynamics of the NAS. Even the Modeling and Analysis, 3d Ed. New York: McGraw- simple methods of improved simulation timing were found Hill. Mirtich, B. Mavor, and J. Conners and Kevin Corker administering and serving as Odoni, A. Existing and required modeling technical points of contact.

Transportation, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Press, W. Flannery, S. Teukolsky, and W. New York: Beltrami, E. Mathematics for Dynamic Modeling. Cambridge University Press. Boston: Academic Press. Pritchett, A. Software Bezdek, W. Halley, and P. Jou, and A.

Boston: New Orleans, Louisiana, — Cellier, F. Aircraft Control and simulation applications, techniques, and tools. In Simulation. New York: John Wiley. Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Wieting, R. Hybrid high-level nets. In Proceedings Conference, ed. Wilson, J. Henriksen, and S.

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Charnes, D. Morrice, D. Brunner, and J. Swain, Engineers, Piscataway, New Jersey. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Davis, P.

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Experiments in Engineers, Piscataway, New Jersey. Combined discrete event continuous systems simulation. Simulation, 61— AMY R. The Simulation Meta-Model. The simulation of a large jet transport, Technology.

Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Gazing into the Oracle: The .

She received S. Virtual time. Her research Programming Languages and Systems 7 3 — An airport passenger simulation, and large-scale agent-based simulation of terminal simulator: A planning and design tool.

see url Her e-mail and web addresses are Simulation Practice and Theory, — Johnson, E.