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Sumo Logic delivers the only cloud-native, real-time machine data analytics platform that provides continuous intelligence. Learn more about Sumo Logic. Turbot delivers Cloud Governance automation for the enterprise cloud with automated guardrails that ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, scalable and cost optimized. Turbot enables your cloud team to focus on delivering higher-level value while your application teams remain agile through use of native AWS, Azure, and GCP tools. Learn more about Turbot.

TokenEx is an enterprise-class tokenization platform that offers virtually unlimited flexibility in how customers can access, store and secure data. We work with multiple data-acceptance channels while maintaining a processor-agnostic approach, meaning we can tokenize and secure almost any data type including PCI, PII, PHI and even unstructured data formats and integrate with nearly any processor or endpoint. Learn more about Cloud-Based Tokenization. Intruder is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that helps to find weaknesses in your online systems.

It saves you time by proactively scanning for new threats as well as offering a unique threat prioritisation solution. Our vulnerability scanner uses the same underlying engine as the big banks do, so you can enjoy the same level of security, but with none of the complexity. Learn more about Intruder. Boxcryptor is a flexible and scalable encryption software for the cloud, that supports more than 30 providers as well as NAS encryption on all platforms. It offers collaboration, audit, and management features that allow secure collaboration on files while being compliant with privacy regulations.

Choose security Made in Germany to work securely and efficiently in the cloud. Learn more about Boxcryptor. WebTitan filters over 2 billion DNS requests every day, identifies , malware iterations a day and has over 7, customers. Try a free Trial of WebTitan today, support included. Hosted locally. Learn more about WebTitan. Skybox Vulnerability Control supports a systematic approach to vulnerability management unlike any other vendor.

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Our solution is rooted in comprehensive visibility of your attack surface, using its context to analyze, prioritize and remediate your riskiest vulnerabilities fast. Learn more about Vulnerability Control.

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Protect your business across physical, virtual cloud and container environments with central visibility and control. Learn more about Trend Micro Deep Security. Learn more about SiteLock. Software to allow users to improve storage efficiency by remotely controlling digital infrastructure. Zscaler delivers the entire gateway security stack as an easily deployed cloud service. Learn more about Zscaler.

Consolidated endpoint security platform, delivering an extensible collection of innovative security services through the cloud Learn more about Cb Predictive Security Cloud.

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Consolidated endpoint security platform, delivering an extensible collection of innovative security services through the cloud. Prevent data loss and threats with this virtualized firewall for private and public cloud environments. Learn more about Prisma. Addresses data privacy, residency, security, and compliance concerns so that organizations can confidently adopt cloud services. Learn more about Panda Adaptive Defense Adaptive access control, empowering organizations to determine identities with confidence.

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Learn more about SecureAuth. The titan secure business hub and intelligent work platform for lawyers, businesses and professional services. Learn more about Safelink.

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Security management and operations platform with detection, analytics, and response capabilities. Learn more about Security Management Platform. Add visibility to your endpoint security with dynamic dashboards and detailed system reports in the cloud. Consolidates terabytes of data from any source Learn more about Graylog.

Consolidates terabytes of data from any source. Netskope is the leading cloud access security broker. With Netskope, IT can protect data and ensure compliance. Learn more about Netskope Cloud Security Platform. A platform ensuring total cloud control along with ease of managing cloud security and compliance across multiple cloud environments.

Learn more about C3M. Cequence Security offers an extensive security software platform to protect attacks on enterprise web, mobile, and API applications. Learn more about Cequence Security. Learn more about Templarbit. The real-time visibility and control you need for your network while reducing expenses and increasing availability.

Learn more about IPAM. Learn more about Flextivity. Acra brings encryption and data leakage prevention to distributed applications, web and mobile apps with database backends.

Learn more about Acra. Learn more about Alcide Microservices Firewall.

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Armors solutions provide the highest level of security and compliance for vital cloud and hybrid workloads. Learn more about Armor Cloud Security. AtomicWP Workload Protection helps to secure workloads in a variety of environments while enhancing the security. Learn more about AtomicWP. Protection and Performance for the Cloud Era. VPN is not enough! Learn more about Bolt SaaS. Remote-access service for business. Learn more about Cachatto. Learn more about Cato Networks. Security solution that helps protect enterprise information and prevent attacks on SaaS and cloud-based applications.

Learn more about Check Point CloudGuard. Cloud Raxak automates the delivery of cloud security compliance across the enterprise.

see url Learn more about Cloud Raxak. Learn more about CloudHawk. Coronet provides end to end data breach protection for companies that use the cloud. Learn more about Coronet. Generate organizational policies.

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Learn more about Dash Cloud Automation Platform. Real-Time Bot protection than deploys in minutes SaaS and runs on autopilot. Learn more about DataDome bot management solution. Learn more about Defendry. Cloud platform provides organization with robust, yet easy to deploy, SaaS Vulnerability Management and Threat Detection. Although the first task is a traditional task in security engineering, dynamic provisioning of managed security services in virtualized environment remains a problem and requires additional research.

Entire frameworks have been proposed and demonstrated but although successful, there is a tendency to see such solutions as integrated 'all in one' infrastructures. This paper describes a light-weight mechanism and protocol for building trust between two machines that takes advantage of the Trusted Platform Module TPM to handle a key exchange and remote trusted deployment of a bootstrapping tool referred to as the Bootstrapping Initiator BI.

Once deployed, the BI can execute any arbitrary software required which could be but is not limited to solutions for advanced architecture management such as the Dynamic Access Control Infrastructure DACI. The proposed solution provides a light-weight layer of trust backed by a TPM that additional systems can build upon as required by the individual use case without the requirement for a specific management or security infrastructure to be deployed along with it. Article :. Cloud security also involves the security controls and process improvements that strengthen the system, provide warnings related to potential attackers and detect incidents that do occur.

Cloud security considerations should also include a business continuity plan and data backup plan in case of a security breach or other catastrophe. There are various cloud security solutions for the public cloud , private cloud and hybrid cloud that involve a wide range of tools.